The National Association of Chinese-Americans (NACA) is dedicated to the advancement of cordial relationships between the United States and China. It is a non-profit organization, which was founded in 1977 by Dr. Cheng Ning Yang, a Nobel laureate in Physics. It’s initial objective was to assist in achieving and promoting full diplomatic recognition between these two countries.

This notable goal was achieved in 1979. The national headquarters for NACA is in Washington, D.C., and there are ten local chapters in the United States. The Atlanta Regional Chapter was inaugurated in 1980 in conjunction with Chinese Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping’s successful state visit.

The Atlanta Chapter of NACA has continued to organize and sponsor activities that bring together Chinese dignitaries, local Georgia government officials as well as community and business leaders. NACA’s mission has been as a facilitator to promote cultural, educational, scientific and business relationships between these parties. It also strongly encourages Chinese-Americans to participate in the American political process while preserving Chinese heritage in the American culture.

With the entry of China to the World Trade Organization, the selection of China to host the year 2008 Olympic Games and the solidarity of China with America in the war against terrorism, another chapter of mutual opportunity of NACA to be of service to these two countries has been opened.

Our Mission

Bridging cultures

by hosting various delegations between the U.S. and China, and taking on projects that promote business, economics, trade, culture, and education exchanges between China and Georgia. It has also been a strong advocate for introducing Chinese culture to mainstream America.

Building leaders

by mentoring college and high school students, and young professionals. NACA has hosted several mentorship programs, with the goal to provide students the necessary guidance to be successful in their future careers and to be successful future leaders in the global marketplace. The programs also help students to understand the importance of being responsible corporate citizen and giving back to communities.

Benefiting communities

by hosting and supporting activities, and delivering programs that have positive impacts on our communities. NACA has made donations to non-profit organizations to support their cause. It partners with and provides scholarship funding to local community colleges and schools. It has been a strong advocate for the participation of Chinese-Americans in the political process, and the preservation of Chinese cultural heritage and language among young Chinese-Americans.

Our Leadership Team

Executive Board

General Board

Past Presidents

Christina Liao (2018-2020)
Ric Hubler (2015-18)
Zhenhua “Steven” Gu (2014-15)
Hong Wills (2012-14)
Zhenhua “Steven” Gu (2010-12)
Christina Liao (2009-10)
Patrick Ko (2008-09)
Andy Wong (2007-08)
Henry Yu (2006-07)
Wei Hu (2005-06)
Henry Yu (2004-05)
Henry Yu (2003-04)
Nancy Liu (2002-03)
Lani Wong (2001-02)
Ben Bao (2000-01)
Victor Eng (1999-2000)

Lani Wong (1998-99)
Angela Chan (1997-98)
Lani Wong (1996-97)
Victor Eng (1995-96)
Lily D’Angelo (1994-95)
Anita Eng (1993-94)
Angela Chan (1991-92)
Jeannie Lin (1989-90)
Al Wong (1987-88)
Lani Wong (1986-87)
Lee Wan (1985-86)
James Wu (1984-85)
Lani Wong (1982-84)
Winston Liu (1981-82)
Lee Wan (1980-81)
Chris Yao (1979-80)