Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Asian-Americans make up about 5% of the total U.S. population, but represent less than 1% of the top tier corporate leadership positions in the United States. How do we propel more Asian-Americans to the forefront of leadership positions in the corporate world?

The National Association of Chinese-Americans Atlanta Regional Chapter strives to help and support aspiring Asian-American professionals to succeed in corporations, firms, government agencies, and the community. As part of its mission to build the next generation of leaders, NACA is launching its formal mentoring program to help young Asian-American professionals acquire greater skills, build lasting social networks, and integrate within mainstream American culture as they launch their professional careers in the United States.

NACA mentors are carefully selected and have diverse backgrounds. They generally consist of middle to senior level managers, executives, or leaders from major corporations and firms in the Atlanta area.

  • Learn and master new skills
  • Build and expand your professional network
  • Gain access to successful leaders who have similar backgrounds
  • Get coached on managing the challenges of pursuing a successful professional career
  • Develop the next generation of leaders of Asian heritage
  • Diversify your organization’s leadership pool
  • Develop and organizational culture that values diversity
  • Develop and implement your business strategy by targeting an emerging Asian market

The NACA Mentoring Program is a year-long formal program consisting of three components:

Individual Sessions

Each mentee is paired with a mentor. The pair will meet on a monthly basis either in person or via video-conference or other electronic means. Each session is structured around a specific topic or area of interest to the mentee.

Group Sessions

All mentees will participate in regular group sessions. These session will cover the development of specific leadership skills integral to success in corporate America. Topics may include: how to project a professional image and how to make effective business presentations, etc. Group sessions are facilitated by highly qualified professionals from corporations or consulting firms with attendance open to NACA members.

Networking Sessions

The program includes periodic networking opportunities which are held for the benefit of both mentees and mentors.