To understand the culture, economy and history of China, an event named “The China Business Series’ had been organized and co-hosted by NACA (National Association of Chinese American) in collaboration with Georgia Perimeter College at the latter’s Dunwoody Campus, between 4-6 PM on September 27th 2012.

Admission to the event– that featured speakers like Dr. Clark Li, Partner and Global Investment Research Director at Balentine , an investment management firm headquartered in Atlanta , and Mr. Sunil Ghatnekar, CFO, Bottling Investments Group, The Coca-Cola Company—had been ‘free’ for all.

The seminar began with a ten minute tour of China presented by Mr. Steven Gu, President of NACA. He threw some light on China’s current business environment by telling 5 stories – Growth, Urbanization, Import/Export, RMB, and Consumption Market, and explains importance of China for any business.

The opening tour was followed by Sunil Ghatnekar’s speech on the topic– “Doing business in emerging markets of China and India”– wherein he spoke on the strategies that could be followed by entrepreneurs worldwide, to successfully infiltrate the upcoming markets in the developing countries like India and China. Being a CFO, Sunil focused his speech over the economic conditions prevailing in both these countries and threw light on ways to augment business with international policies.

Dr. Clark Li was another speaker who gave his valuable inputs on the topic “Overview of Financial Market in China ”. Dr. Li chiefly spoke about the China’s economy and investment trends in China.

The presentations were followed by a Q&A session. Question on readiness on international business and career developments was discussed between speakers and students.

This series was moderated by Dr. Rengen Li, director of Global Leadership Development at The Coca-Cola Company, where he is responsible for company-wide executive coaching, assessments, and development of middle and front-line leaders on a global scale.

Faculty advisors to the Chinese Club on the Dunwoody Campus and Professor of Economics at GPC Mr Fred Bounds said “This kind of seminars are highly knowledgeable for the students as well as we get to know more about China, the career and business prospective there.” He also added that such events should be held frequently in order to get the latest and helpful information regarding international business and economics.

NACA’s China Business Series is part of NACA’s mentorship program dedicated to building future leaders with global version. This was the second such seminar organized by GPC and NACA. Earlier in April this year, an event on ‘The China Business Series” was held at the same venue. Scott Ellyson, CEO of East West Manufacturing, Henry Yu, Senior Vice President, The Fifth Third Bank and Dr. Li Zheng, President Techtop were the distinguished featured speakers at this initial event. Both events were huge successes and received an overwhelming response from more than 200 students and faculties who attended the seminar at the campus.

GPC Foundation is thankful to all participating students and faculties and the Chinese Club, that had all come together to make the event a success. More such events from the China Business Series would be surely welcome at the Dunwoody Campus.