NACA donated masks during coronovirus outbreak

Since the coronovirus outbreak, NACA has paid close attention to it, quickly raised funds, and organized resources to help China fight the coronavitus. NACA donated 36,000 masks to Hanchuan People’s Hospital of Hubei Province, Jinggangshan People’s Hospital of Jiangxi Province, Xinyang People’s Hospital, Hubei People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Georgia Institute of Technology Shenzhen Campus, Tianjin University, Linhai Group Co., Ltd. and other recipients.

The successful donation was inseparable from the strong support of its board members. The NACA raised a total of $13,000, including $5,000 of its own funds, $2,000 from Maggie Mers,  $1,000 in Shandry Law, and $5,000 from other donors. Not only did NACA donate the much needed masks, it also bear the costs of transportation and customs clearance. It is particularly worth noting that Maggie Mers has overcome many difficulties and eventually successfully located the source of goods and made logistics arrangements in this extraordinary period. NACA’s board members Lani Wong, Li Zheng, Carol Ng and others have done a lot of volunteer work to make the donation happen.

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