Jung Mar, NACA Board Adviser, continues his tradition for  the last three years, lectured to a class of MBA students  at the Scheller College of Business in the advanced graduate MBA class MgT 6185 of Georgia Tech University on Thursday, October 3rd, 2019.

            His lecture is “China in the World 2019”  in which he presented China as a business opportunity for these MBA students. He touches on Chinese history, Economic transition, Opportunities and key criteria to understand China. According to World Bank, China’s rise has lifted 850M people out of poverty. According to International Monetary Fund, China is the world’s largest  economy with a GDP of 25 Trillion dollars when measured  in purchasing power parity.

           World Bank and the State Council of China has released a plan to advance China from a manufacturing  powerhouse to an innovation society

           PEW Research survey indicates Chinese government has the support of 87% of its people. Among the highest in worlds

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