Georgia’s Attorney General Sam Olens says the “gerrymandering” of political districts lines have created bad public policies. He was speaking as a keynote speaker at the National Association of Chinese Americans (NACA) forum on the U.S. electorate system.

Attorney General Olens further elaborated that both political parties were guilty of such abuses and neglected to seek the centered view of opinions.

He encourages minorities to learn about the American electorate system and to serve the community.  Olens is also quick to remind potential candidates to “learn” to serve the community and to avoid running for office for “personal” glamour.

“How are we going to make a better future for our children in America,” reiterates Attorney General Olens in his remark.

The NACA Forum was aimed at educating Asian American on the U.S. political and electorate system.  In addition to Attorney general Sam Olens, a panelist of current leaders and experts including Alex Wan, Atlanta City Council member, Mereda Davis Johnson, Commissioner, DeKalb County District 5, Buzz Brockway, Georgia State Representative District 102, Professor Sean Richey, Georgia State University.

The panelist shared insights on their political endeavors and shared their views on challenges that they had face in the process.

“We are pleased to host this forum as a way to educate our community about the electorate system and the coming election.  As the Asian American community is growing rapidly in Georgia, our voice needs to be heard and to be represented in the political process,” said Lani Wong, Chair of NACA to Georgia Asian Times.

Article from “Georgia Asian Times”