NACA Mentoring Program successfully held its third Group Session for Class of 2014 on September 15, 2014 at the Atlanta Galleria.

Joining the panel were Fabian De Rozario from Korn/Ferry International, Dave O’Fa rrell from O’Farrell Career Management, and Henry Yu from Fifth Third Bank. The session was moderated by David Halm from Project Success Inc. Total of 21 people attended the Group session, of which 13 are mentees and young professionals

The panel discussion focused on career management and covered topics including personal and leadership development, use of social medial, and exploring new opportunities within or beyond current firms. Mr. De Rozario introduced his own career development, and encouraged the mentees and young professionals to focus on three aspects of PIE: performance, image and exposure. As an experienced career management consultant, Mr. O’Farrell summarized that excellent career management requires one to keep skills sharp, to keep network active, and to keep up with accomplishments. Mr. Yu also discussed some major decisions made for his own career development, and challenged the class to become a top performer and take some risks to assume more responsibilities beyond his/her assignment.

The Group Session also provided the opportunity for our mentees to interact and network with panel speakers and NACA mentors.

Special thanks to the support of Coca Cola, NACA’s 2014 Mentorship Sponsor. We also thank Project Success to host the event.

The next session will be held on Saturday, November 8th, 2014 at Delta Airlines, and more details are coming soon. NACA welcome young Chinese and Asian professionals to join.


全美华人协会良师指导项目在2014年9月15日举行了第三次小组会议。Korn/Ferry  International的高级指导老师Fabian De Rozario, O’Farrell Career Management 的经营人Dave O’Farrell,和五三银行总经理Henry Yu 参加了讨论小组。参加此次小组会议的共有21人,其中13人是许愿和年轻的专业人士。

会议集中讨论了职业管理,包括个人和领导力的提升,新媒体的应用,以及在就职公司之内和之外寻找新机会等。De Rozario先生介绍了他为数四次在不同领域的工作及转型情况,并鼓励参加小组讨论的学员和年轻专业人士集中精力在业绩、形象和公开亮相等方面提升自己。资深职业管理咨询师O’Farrell先生提出了优秀的职业管理要求职员保持技能的专业性,保持社交网络的活跃度,以及保持阶段性的成就。余先生则结合他自己的职业生涯的发展,用实例阐述了De Rozario先生和O’Farrell先生提出的建议,并指出职业发展的两个动力,即优异的业绩和主动承担更多责任。


全美华人协会感谢可口可乐对良师指导项目的支持。同时感谢Project Success对本次会议的提供场地。