NACA Mentoring Program held its second group session for class of 2014 on June 26,2014 at the office of Greenberg Traurig LLP in Buckhead.

“Networking” was the main theme for the Group Session . The Group session provides the opportunity for our mentees to interact, network, and learn from Panel discussion speakers and NACA mentors. About 20 people attended the session which included 8 mentees and young professionals, 4 mentors and the Panel speakers. NACA Advisor Jung Mar, and Board member Liwei Rue also attended the event. Henry Yu, NACA Advisor and Mentor moderated the session with the following distinguished speakers:

Ann Cramer, Senior Consultant, Coxe Curry & Associates

Jeff Smith, Principal Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig LLP

Lani Wong, NACA Chair

In addition to sharing their networking experiences, the Dos and Don’ts, our speakers also touched upon how to manage you boss and your peers, and navigate in the Corporate world. Key issues that mentees need to be familiar with include some of the following:

  • First impress is very important and last forever
  • Networking is life-long and enjoys what you do with Passion, commitment and helping others
  • It is alignment, keeping promises, and growing and managing relationships, earning trust and with purposes and intention, encompassing business, social, family and volunteered activities
  • Do things not popular-think outside of the Box, and differentiate yourself from others
  • Importance of time and energy management allowing us to efficiently devote time for networking and volunteered services that mentees can pick up soft skills, and learn from others
  • To offer help to others-What can I do for you?
  • To anticipate what others need, and be proactive in reaching out to help others achieve their goals too

After the panel discussion, the group spent time getting to know one another and our speakers shared first hand experiences on career issues, success and failure stories, etc.


全美华人协会良师指导项目近日在Greenberg Traurig LLP 举行了最新一轮的团组会议。本次会议的主题是“人脉经营”。良师指导项目是全美华人协会发起的旨在培养下一代华裔领军人物的公益项目。该项目以三种形式进行:一对一指导,团组座谈,以及联谊会。

四位导师及主讲人、八位受指导者、及多位年轻专业人士参加了此次会议。全美华人协会顾问Jung Mar ,理事会成员Liwei Rue 也出席了此次会议。协会顾问及良师指导项目组导师Henry Yu 主持了座谈会。本次会议的发言人是:

Ann Cramer, 高级咨询顾问,Coxe Curry & Associates

Jeff Smith, 管理合伙人, Greenberg Traurig LLP

Lani Wong, 全美华人协会主席


  • 第一印象是非常重要的
  • 建立人脉是终身事业
  • 喜欢你所做的事情,有激情,重承诺,乐于助人
  • 信守承诺,赢取信任,贯通商务,社交,家庭和志愿活动
  • 创新思维,与众不同
  • 优秀的时间管理,参与人脉活动及志愿服务,掌握软性技能
  • 主动帮助别人
  • 想人所想,急人所急。