NACA Celebrated 35th US-China Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations at the Carter Center, Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Consul General Li, and NACA Chair Lani Wong gave the speeches. 全美华人协会与卡特中心协办中美关系建交35周年纪念活动, 卡特总统、李强民总领事、华协主席李秀兰女士分别致词并回忆了1979年邓小平总理访问美国及亚特兰大的历史性时刻.

July 17, 2014, NACA co-sponsored a Chinese art exhibition at the Carter Center in celebrating the 35th US-China anniversary of diplomatic relations. Lani Wong, Chair of NACA, together with other NACA members joined the celebration.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter attended the event with former First Lady Rosalynn Carter and gave a speech. President Carter highly commended the efforts made by Premier Deng Xiaoping of China to normalize U.S.-China relations. He said the bold decision made between two countries thirty-five years ago forever “changed the world, China, the United States, and every country on the earth.” He also emphasized that it is important for both countries to maintain partnership and friendship, and to resolve all differences in a mutually respective way.

Ambassador Qiangmin Li, Consul General of People’s Republic of China, Houston also spoke at the event. Consul General Li appreciated the commitment made by local Chinese-Americans to bridge two countries, and called for more efforts for a more positive and wholesome relationship between two countries.

Lani Wong joined the panel presentation and recalled the historical visit of Premiere Deng to the U.S. and Atlanta in 1979. She said the visit and policy change made by Premiere Deng ended China’s political and economic isolation, and “changed not only China’s relationship with the United States, but also the world.” Ms. Wong reminded the audience that the National Association of Chinese Americans was formed in 1977 with the sole purpose to push for the normalization of relations between the U.S. and China, and the Atlanta regional chapter was born one year after Premier Deng’s visit in 1979. Since then, NACA has kept its mission and proudly witnessed the growing cooperation between China and the United States on issues of local impacts and of global importance.

(By Hao Lu, NACA member)