History of NACA – Atlanta Chapter and FINDING KUKAN by Robin Lung (producer/director of FINDING KUKAN

In the summer of 2012, I was 2 years into the 7-year journey of making FINDING KUKAN. We were in the beginning of a big fundraising campaign, and I needed to travel to Atlanta to film members of Rey Scott’s family. One of my contacts said that I should contact Lani Wong since she was a “mover and shaker” in Atlanta. Lani immediately recognized the historical importance of my project. Within two weeks of contacting her, she had pulled together 14 different Atlanta organizations, including the Atlanta Asian Film Festival, to sponsor my talk about Li Ling-Ai, Rey Scott and KUKAN at UPS headquarters. She also got World Journal’s Peter Yeh to report on it and Representative Charlice Byrd to officially recognize the historic work I was doing. NACA Atlanta generously offered a $1,500 stipend to cover my travel costs, and publicity from the talk helped launch a successful fundraising campaign that was vital to getting the production off the ground. My documentary FINDING KUKAN would not be the award-winning film it is today without the early support of Lani Wong and NACA Atlanta.  I’m thrilled and honored that the film’s Georgia premiere is at the Atlanta Asian Film Festival with the generous sponsorship of NACA Atlanta.

you can buy tickets here: http://atlaff.org/films.html



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