12-8-2017, Ambassador Li gave an over view of the October conclusion of China’s 19th National Congress in October of 2017. The timely visit of US President Trump to China in early November after the successful conclusion of the 19th National Congress set the stage for the world to get a good understanding of the future of the ‘Too big to fail” US/China relationship.

The 19th Congress Party showcases China’s desire to be assertive in global relationships, and at the same time to promote good will and connections to the rest of the world. China will continue to broaden and deepen its involvement in global political economy, and will seek leadership roles in selected areas. During the 19th Party Congress, the world heard very familiar themes such as cooperation, accommodating, moderation, restraint, sustainability, and China’s desire to cooperate on regional and global affairs. Nevertheless, the US/China relationship remains strained.

The signing of LOI/MOU of over $253B in deals signifies the huge importance of the US/China relationship from global economic perspective. Senior officers of both UPS and Coca-Cola have provided their insights of the US/China future relationship from economic and investment opportunity standpoint. It is a win-win for both countries and the world if US and China cooperates more on providing a collective engine to drive global economic growth.

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